Best Free Technical Analysis App for Indian Stock Market – Importance of Technical Analysis

Best Free Technical Analysis App for Indian Stock Market

Free Technical Analysis App

To invest in the stock market, you should always make informed decisions that must be based on technical & fundamental analysis. In this article, we will cover the best free technical analysis app for the Indian Stock Market to gauge the correct trend of the stock as well as entry and exit at the perfect point.

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Importance of Technical Analysis in Stock Market


Technical analysis is a systematic method to predict the future price movement of a security based on past market data. These can be tools or charts like candlestick patterns, technical indicators, trends, and chart patterns that help the trader to understand the price movement in the future using past volumes. Well, technical analysis will not make you a profitable trader. However, it will give you an edge over other investor classes who not making use of this study. It is complementary to fundamental analysis while choosing the stock for investment. This technique is used by day traders to find the viability of the stock using financial charts, data, and statistics to uncover an investment’s strengths or possible weaknesses.

Best Free Technical Analysis App for Indian Stock Market

Now we have understood the importance of technical analysis for investing in the stock market. Let’s check out the best free technical analysis app without investing a single penny to make an informed decision. Here are a few free apps that provide the best technical analysis for investors to make an informed decision:

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Money Control App


This is my personal favorite app when it comes to searching for any market-related information & updates. In case you want to keep one app that fulfills all your financial planning needs then this is the right app for you. Not only this is a simple app but also offers tons of information & features. On this app, you can create your virtual portfolio to track your performance by entering your holding details. On the other hand, you can create a watchlist to start tracking the prices of the shortlisted stocks.

Above all, you get every morning the article named ” What changed for the market while you were sleeping? Top 10 things to know”. This article gives you a detailed briefing for the last 24 hours so that if you missed something yesterday you can recall it easily. Therefore, can make the right decision today. In addition, “Trade setup for Friday: Top 15 things to know before the opening bell” to get set for you on Monday once the market reopens post-weekend.

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Best Free Technical Analysis App for Indian Stock Market – Importance of Technical Analysis


Well, I’m using a Zerodha trading account hence it’s very useful for me to log in with Zerodha credentials directly instead of getting registered as a new user. This app is known for providing detailed fundamental research for picking the right stocks for a long investment horizon. Tickertape is a financial analysis software that includes stocks, ETFs, indexes, and mutual funds. Tickertape is your one-stop shop for understanding and investing in the markets, with tools like Asset Pages, stocks and mutual funds Screener, Watchlist, and more.

Without having to hop between platforms, you can discover, analyze, and trade your favorite stocks. To make informed and wise investing decisions, do access complete information on your favorite stocks. Using investment checklist, live and historic price charts, forecasts, financial statements, and shareholdings.

Best Free Technical Analysis App for Indian Stock Market – Importance of Technical Analysis


As the name suggests, you can easily screen the stocks you wish to filter as per the criteria. Simply, you can enter the stock name in the search bar option. Further, you can pull out all technical charts and fundamental analyses for the respective stock. In case you want to use particular filters like popular themes, formulas, valuations, best large or mid-cap, replication of Barren Buffet portfolio. Using these popular screeners you can study different stocks on varied parameters for a diversified portfolio. It has got a very simple user interface but is quite interactive on its own. is a popular Android trading and investing app. It includes stock notifications, breaking news, a portfolio, a watchlist, an economic calendar, and other financial informational tools. Over 100,000 financial items are traded on over 70 global exchanges, with live prices and charts available.
Track the S&P 500, Dow Jones, and Nasdaq, as well as equities, bonds, commodities, currencies, interest rates, futures, and options. It has a terrific rating of 4.4/5 with over 5 lac reviews.

ET Market App


Business & Markets News, Stock Market Updates & Free Share Market Tips, Top Investment Options, BSE Sensex, NSE Nifty charts live & obtain share prices with advanced technical charting are all accessible in the ET Markets App, which is now available in eight Indian languages. It offers a range of benefits:

1-minute charting, save features, different chart formats, and technical analysis to discover trends. Above all, you can compare performance by using an interactive technical charting application. In addition, you can Contribute to discussions/conversations through comments, based on analysis and professional opinions.

Comprehensive coverage of stocks/indices traded on the NSE and BSE, mutual funds, initial public offerings (IPOs), gold, commodities, forex, ETFs, ULIPs, and bond

Keep up with the latest developments in the stock market, commodity markets, initial public offerings (IPOs), mutual funds, money markets, and personal finance. Keep up with the finest stocks to buy, top mutual funds, Nifty futures, the gold market, and the BSE and NSE India exchanges.

Fundamentals of stocks and companies, trading technicals, peer comparison, and earnings/quarterly results are all covered in depth.

Key takeaways

There are numerous other apps available in the market to get the technical analysis free of cost. However, these are my best 5 apps among so many available. I have chosen these apps on the basic principle of usage, rating, interface, and how easily you can interpret the data reflected on these charts. Hope you like to try out these apps for checking out the features and interface it offers.