Best Small case to Invest in 2022 | What are the Pros & Cons of SmallCase?

Best Smallcase to Invest in 2022 | smallcase pros and cons

Best Smallcase to Invest

In my previous article, we have discussed Small cases and how we can invest in them. But how can we miss Best Smallcase to invest in 2022? Before we filter out the best ones let’s understand the pros and cons of investing in Small cases.

By now we already know Small case is a platform that offers investors an option to invest in themes, ideas, or strategies-based portfolios. Designed by curated portfolio managers recognized by SEBI as an investment advisor. Small cases have a variety of options to invest which you may not find in mutual funds. Above all, it comes with a minimal cost which many of us could not afford to avail prior. That’s why it manages to get three rounds of funding in a span of 5 years from big investors like Sequoia Capital India, Blume Ventures, Straddle Capital, Amazon.

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Smallcase Pros and Cons


Here are a few Pros and Cons of Small cases which you must know before you park your hard-earned money.


  1. Investing in idea is much easier than in direct stocks: As we all agree investing in a equity requires lot of reasearch and fundamental studies. However, it’s easier to assess the idea or strategies whether the same would be fruitful in future or not. That’s when small case pave the path of investment toward strategy and idea investment.
  2. Full Control & Disclosure: As you’re active investor in smallcase methodology, hence you have a full control on buying/selling of shares. It’s upto you to accept or reject the provided by investment advisory. In addition, you can tweak the portfolio as per your financial needs. Apart from the flat rate charged once while investing in smallcase, there is no additional charges.
  3. Helps in Portfolio Diversification: Under smallcase, you’re going to invest in a basket of stocks instead of single stock. Hence, you’re mitigating the loss of risk across the portfolio.
  4. Comes with Research Analysis: Investment manager creates smallcases who have years of expertise in stock market. Not only you get professional advise from these recognised advisors but also can work with their ideaology.
  5. Cost of Investment: Investment cost is too low as compare to returns you’re going to make from smallcases.

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You should understand the risk involved in the small cases as an investment in equity comes with risk.

  1. Portfolio can be concentrate on one Particular companies funds: There are few smallcases on the platform which are build on one particular Company funds which I feel is not correct. As it’s not right to limit your portfolio to one company business only. Therefore, the purpose of diversification is not meeting.
  2. Rebalancing a smallcase attract tax liability: Whenever you re-balance your smallcase, it comes with a tax liability. Depending upon the tenurity of holding the stocks and gain made, you will liable to pay capital gain taxes.
  3. Cost of investment will be high in case you’re investing lesser than 1lac of amount. Provided you’re planning to invest more than a lac, then only its worth to invest in smallcase or stick with mutual funds as the cost of investment will be more or less same. Additonally, it will come with burden of managing the funds actively.
  4. In case you’re beginner or passive investors then smallcase is not suitable for you.

Best Smallcase to Invest in 2022

Please find the top-rated small cases by curated portfolio managers that you can stop to invest in 2022 by taking calculative risk under an investment of Rs. 50000:

  1. Top 100 Stocks: This smallcase invest in 100 large cap companies which are already established in the market and the returns are not volatile. This is best suited for creating wealth over long period of time. Designed by Windmill Capital and beating the benchmarks of Equity largecaps since its launch in 2019.
  2. High Quality Right Price: As the name suggest it offers high quality in terms of returns. This smallcase is based on the Aatma Nirbhar Bharat Theme hence focussed on mid and small cap companies. Therefore, you can multiply your returns in a short period of 2-4 years. This case is managed by Green Portfolios.
  3. All Weather Investing: You can make out with the name of the smallcase, suitable for all weathers of stock market.It helps you in investing in all asset classes like equity, debt and gold. Therefore, provides best diversification and keep growing your money with decent returns over a period of time.
  4. Teji Mandi Flagship: This smallcase is focussed on multi cap funds. It consist of 15-20 stocks and comes with a blend of tacts and winners from NIFTY 500. This fund ensure investors to multiply their returns in short period plus can expose the portfolio to specific sectors for certain durations.
  5. Global Opportunities: When we are taking a risk of investing in equity then why not expose our portfolio to global markets. This smallcase has comparatively lower correlation with Indian equity hence provides good cushioning to your portfolio. This smallcase not only expose you to top 100 Nasdaq listed companies but also keep you invested in top 100 blue chips in India.



These five are the top picks from the Small case platform to get started with your investment journey. It’s wise to start investing as early as possible. Definitely, with these picks, you can create wealth over time by mitigating the risk over time and creating enough wealth for you and for loved ones.

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