CDSL EASIEST Registration – Step-by-Step Guide | Charges | 2023

After having written too many articles on the Demat account. I was wondering what next I can introduce to you guys then I realized there is something new that you should be aware of in this digital era. Now our own CDSL has come up with the new option of the EASIEST facility which we will be talking about in detail to make to understand how its works and what you need to do to avail of this facility.
Before getting into the details of the CDSL EASIEST Registration discussion, let us first see what is the EASIEST facility.



CDSL has a feature called EASIEST to help you transfer shares from one Demat account to another online. 
EASIEST stands for Electronic Access to Securities Information and Execution of Secured Transaction.
It is a portal that allows you to access your Demat account through the internet. In addition, investors can also conveniently and quickly affect the transfer of shares through the portal. 
As you might already know, you can manually transfer the shares held in your Demat account to another one. Now you can easily initiate the online transfer of shares via CDSL EASIEST. You no longer have to do it manually by filling and submitting DIS to your depository participant.
Before getting into the details of the CDSL EASIEST Registration discussion, let us first see the benefits of the EASIEST facility.

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Benefits and Changes of CDSL EASIEST Registration

  1. You can access your account anytime from anywhere in the world. You can view, download, and print transaction and holding statements.
  2. If you have multiple Demat accounts with CDSL, you can access each of them under one roof with just one login.
  3. You can easily launch the online transfer of securities via CDSL EASIEST. You no longer have to do it manually by filling and submitting DIS to your depository participant.
  4. All of the transactions that you make through CDSL EASIEST are safe, secure, and encrypted. Even the transfer of securities can only take place after multiple controls and authorizations from you.

There are no Charges for the Easiest registration. It is free of cost. 

What is CDSL EASIEST Registration Process?


Before beginning the CDSL EASIEST registration process, you need to keep the following details handy :

  • 8-digit depository participant (DP) ID  or CM ID which is the ID of your broker. CM stands for Clearing Member.
  • Your BO ID. BO stands for Beneficial Owner. This is usually an 8-digit number.

Once you have these details handy you begin the CDSL EASIEST registration process.

Time needed: 5 minutes

To register for CDSL Easiest, follow these steps:

  1. Demat Details

    Register yourself for the easiest trust facility at
    Enter the 8-digit DP ID followed by the 8-digit Demat client ID or BO ID and click on Continue. 
    What is CDSL Easiest Registration Process?

  2. OTP Verification

    Post clicking on continue, the client will receive an OTP on the registered mobile number (same number as that used in account opening). The client should enter that OTP & click on continue.

  3. Account Details

    Now Customer must enter their personal details. The mobile number & email Id provided at the time of account opening will be shown here. Please ensure that only Trusted Account is selected here. Account of Choice will not be approved.

  4. Trusted Details

    Enter the trusted account details, i.e., a 16-digit Demat ID of the CDSL account where stocks need to be transferred, and click on the Continue button at the bottom.

  5. OTP Authentication

    Post entering trusted details, the client will get an OTP which he has to enter as shown in the below screenshots.

  6. Grouping

    Grouping is basically if the client wants to group his other DP Ids also. This is optional & can be skipped.

  7. Finish

    Post which, the registration gets completed. Once the DP team checks and authenticates details, the client will get a mail with the password mentioned in it.



Now, things are getting change for better after covid as most of the government or private sectors are trying to digitize every step of the process to avoid mass gatherings at branches for a small request. Just follow the above simple steps from the comfort of your house and let your holding transfer your holding to another account. And there you go!

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