Comparison Gold and Real Estate: Which is better in 2022-23?

Compare Gold with Real estate


Real estate investment can be a highly profitable & reliable option for generating substantial returns as compared to gold but it depends on the location.
It also creates the source of regular income while carrying some appealing benefits like tax advantage (Section 24(B), 80C & 80EE) and diversification opportunities. Hence it’s is best for a long-term investment.
On the other hand, investing in gold is a highly preferred choice for Indians for some reason. For generations, gold is passed on as property.
So now let’s start comparison Gold and Real Estate.

Why we should invest in gold ?

Due to its high liquidity nature, it is considered the safest form of investment as during the time of need there is no need to get in any contractual obligation to sell gold as happens in case of real estate dissolution.
Well, gold can beat inflation over some time. For ages gold prices have increased hardly, we see any downturn in this metal price.
as Gold is tangible, so it creates a perception of safety among investors. It can be easily bought from any local jewellery shop as compared to another asset.
To build a diversified investment portfolio, one should always invest in any form of gold up to 5-10% of the total investment amount.

What is importance of real estate ?

Real estate property is a strong investment alternative as compared to gold. Additionally, proudly owning a house means you’re making sure of a comfortable destiny.
The value of the property may be expanded through repairs and renovations. Unlike gold, the belongings can be altered in line with your comfort.
Even if you are the use of the property, you may constantly rent it out to provide ordinary earnings. Apartment returns are an incredible choice for producing an effective cash flow. You could also loan the assets in opposition to a loan.

Comparison gold and real estate

Tenure of investment

Real estate investment is best for a long-term investment.

You can keep gold for short as nicely as long-term investment. However, investing in gold for long-term can fetch a greater price of return.


Real estate gives much less liquidity as compare to gold.
It may take months or even years to sell off your property.
Real estate liquidation additionally includes a lot of paper work and different formalities (stamp duty) which will make the process lengthy and cumbersome.

Buying and selling gold is a easy process.
Gold is a very liquid asset and can be encashed at any time with no formalities.


Real estate
A Real estate is subject to low volatility as in contrast to gold and different investment options.

Very Low
Gold is extra volatile than real estate. The value of gold changes almost every day & dependent on market conditions.
Tax benefits

Real estate is characterized through structured tax benefits. There is depreciation, loan tax deduction, cost of repairs and maintenance and price of legal services are considered while calculating the tax.

Gold investment will entice capital gains tax. In case of gold deposit score certificates, the income made is definitely tax exempted.

Real estate
Depending on location
The records says that Real estate has given on an average 8% to 15% or more returns depending on the location.
Despite the growth in rentals, the rental yield is around 7 to 9% which is lower than any other investment options.
However, if you check on the other side, the real estate can provide regular monthly income.
The real estate can be an attractive long-term investment option where the property value increases over time with monthly income also.
Real estate provides good returns as compare to gold without much volatility.
Additionally, when the market improves, so does the value of your real estate property.
It is wise to include property as a part of your wealth creation strategy.

Gold investment is rewarding as it offers inflation beating results. Over a duration of time,
returns from the gold investment are in line with the inflation rate as per market. However,
the darkish aspect is when gold appreciates value,
it is due to the fact there is a devaluation of the paper currency. Hence, returns turn out to be nominal in the case of gold investment.
Transparency in terms of cast

Real estate
Real estate property costs would possibly now not as transparent as the gold. Also, the previous records may not be readily available while dealing with real estate.

The price of gold coins\bullions are quite transparent because gold is actively traded in the market.
Size of investment

Real estate
To make investments in real estate, you want a lump sum (approx. 20%) amount to pay as a down payment and it involves debt financing.

Investors can buy and accumulate gold with as low as 1 Rs purchase.
Earning potential

Real estate
Real property is one of the satisfactory approaches to produce a ordinary month-to-month earnings in the shape of liquid cash. A rental property can get a month-to-month hire and the section of which can be used to pay the mortgage.

Not Applicable
The returns fluctuate with the market. If the rate of gold drops, the investment cost additionally goes down.
Loan facility

Real estate
Available with multiple options
LAP (Loan against property) - Loan can be availed by keeping your property as a collateral.
Home loan top up - is a way to borrow extra money against your current home.

The loan amount is decided on the basis of Loan to Value ratio.
For example, if market value of your gold is Rs. 10L you can get a maximum of Rs. 8L


After having compared gold and real estate both are meant for long-term investment but depending upon the appetite of the investors one can go for either form of investment considering its liquidation.