Edelweiss Tx3 vs Xtreme Trader [2022]-Review and Features

Edelweiss Tx3 vs Xtreme Trader [2021]-Review and Features

In this article, we thought of taking you all on a stroll of Edelweiss trading software TX3 and Xtreme Trader. Before discussing their software products let’s understand the company overview as well.

Edelweiss Broking Ltd is a Mumbai-based financial service company. Incorporated in Feb 2008 under the flagship of Edelweiss Group. This company is registered with NSE, BSE & MCX stock exchange. Apart from trading services it also deals in other financial services like mutual funds, insurance, wealth management & advisory services.

Edelweiss’s nuanced understanding of the financial service sector, with a relentless focus on advanced technology on systems, and processes to deliver the best customer experience by launching their two software product that going to revolutionize the trading world. Let’s discuss these softwares’ in length to understand them better:

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Edelweiss TerminalX3 (TX3)

In a stock trading world when every broking company is coming up with their new trading tool,
Edelweiss broking ltd introduced a new giant in the market named TerminalX3.
It’s a technology-driven trading solution to cater to the needs of new-age professional traders, who are considered more tech-savvy and this kind of tool has become the need of the hour. Consequently, Edelweiss TX3 is a unique offering to empower traders to make quick and informed trading decisions.

Here are few USPs of the software which differentiate it from other trading platforms:

  1. Act as a one-stop solution to traders empowering them to spot opportunities, analyze the market trend
    & place the order instantly from anywhere.
  2. Provides complete trading and analytical solutions to customers with lightning speed, data analytics & advanced charting mechanism.
  3. A free platform for all users (existing /non-users) to time the market by exploring free analytics
    and charts to make an informed decision. Moreover, allows them to place the order as well.

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Salient Features of TX3 for the Traders

  1. Advanced Charting: Live streaming of charts with 60+ advanced technical indicators and drawing tools.
    In addition, more advanced chart types like Heiken Ashi, Renko, Point, and Figure, Kag also users can use all free of cost.
  2. Access to Historical Data: TerminalX3 helps the customers with the facility to use 15 years of historical data plus 1 year of intraday data.
    Most importantly it saves and loads user templates to facilitate a clutter-free and user-friendly interface that allows customizing shortcut keys as per your comfort.
  3. Analytical Markets Data: To make informed trading decisions, users can utilize what-if analysis in options calculator with the advanced assistive terminal.
  4. Seasonality Analysis: Helps in studying the trend of a particular stock in terms of performance each month year on year.
  5. Stock Quote Page: It gives detail analytical information of individual stock in a single window by comparing other stocks so that traders can make a wise decision.
  6. Live Reports and Live Research Views: All users can access all research call and download the reports from the dedicated research section to execute the call.
  7. Pre-Login Facility through which users can utilize the platform as a guest.
    Likewise can track stocks and the market. However, login is only required to trade.
  8. Floating Index Widget: It’s a multitasking feature that lets the user track the market even though working on another screen.

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Edelweiss Xtreme Trader

It’s a desktop-based trading software that provides real-time market updates. As the name suggests, Xtreme stands for fast means very fast and allows traders to place an order in 3 secs. Apart from its USPs, it caters these benefits to its users:

  1. Live Streaming Quotes: You can set on-screen SMS & email alerts as per the condition defined by you so that you don’t miss the right opportunity.
  2. Real-time charting tools: You are traded like financial experts and analyze the data the way you want with the help of advanced charting tools.
  3. Instant Research Calls: It flashes your research call instantly the moment team generates it so that you don’t miss it.
  4. Customizable interface: This allows you to customize its look and run as you want. You can create your own shortcuts and execute them to the very last details.
  5. Dow Jones News: Dow jones news is available on Xtreme trader that offers business and financial information to individual investors across the globe. Further, you can subscribe to its newswire and can benefit from world-class trading news from the most trusted brand.
  6. All these benefits come absolutely free of cost.

I tell you why you should use the Xtreme Trader software apart from its main features, you can benefit from high leverage products like cover orders, simpler order screens with extraordinary tools like market monitors, market indicators & option calculators.

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