How to Close Edelweiss Demat Account Online? | Closure form | Charges

How to Close Edelweiss Demat Account Online

Edelweiss Demat-Account Online


We have seen when we have to open an account with any brokerage firm we get numerous avenues. But when we want to close the same due to any issue we don’t get concrete information on the closure. Thereby, in this series, I will try to bring the information for Demat account closure for our Top Brokerage firm so that as a customer you don’t end up paying a huge maintenance fee otherwise it will dig a big hole in your pocket. So let’s cover “How to Close Edelweiss Demat-Account Online?

How to Close Edelweiss Demat-Account Online?


Well, so far there is no option to close the Edelweiss Account digitally. It’s still the old way of submitting an account closure form at the branch and then getting it closed. You can close this account by dropping a mail or calling the helpdesk number. Think twice before you open an account with Edelweiss Firm. Gone are the days when you have to visit the branch in person and submit the hardcopies.

But still, if you hold the account with Edelweiss and are not satisfied with their services please follow the below Offline process to avoid losing your money:

  1. Fill out the enclosed account closure form and get it duly signed by all the account holders in the presence of the depository participant official.
  2. Provide the reason for account closure in the application request.
  3. Provide a copy of KYC documents for Identity & Address Proof.
  4. Fill out the delivery instruction slip in case of transfer to securities to another account of yours.
  5. If DIS is submitted then fill client master report from the central depository to transfer the proposed holding along with the relevant stamp, signature, and logo.
  6. Now submit all the documents stated above to your Relationship Manager or Equity Advisor or to a branch of Edelweiss to get your account closed.



Before submission of documents, ensure your account holding is nil or you transfer it to other accounts of yours. Or else you provide additional documents like delivery instruction slip or RRF if balances are to be materialized.

In case you have any outstanding charges please ensure you add some funds so that while closing the account they can adjust outstanding dues and can transfer the remaining amount to your linked saving bank account. However, in order to process the account closure, it requires the original hard copy of the account closure form.

It takes 7 working days for us to process the closure from receipt of the account closure form at our Head Office, you can get the status of the account closure from your Relationship Manager/ Equity Advisor or your nearest branch.
You can also acquire the status by calling on Toll-free no 18001023335 or by writing at

How to Fill the Edelweiss Demat-Account Closure Form?


Time needed: 5 minutes

Instructions for filling the closure form:

  1. Account Holders

    The closure request needs to be signed by ALL the account holders. POA holder (if any) cannot sign the closure request.

  2. Authenticated

    Corrections (if any) have to be authenticated by ALL the holders. Please strike off as “NA” for details that are not applicable.

  3. Outstanding Charges

    The closure request would be rejected in case of any outstanding charges.

  4. Trading account

    In case of Trading a/c is linked to this Demat account, Kindly check on the trading account closure checkbox.

  5. Corporate account

    Certified True Copy of Board resolution required in case of ‘Corporate account’ closure.

  6. RRF

    Submit a duly-filled RRF if the balances are to be materialized.

  7. DIS

    Submit a duly-filled Delivery Instruction Slip [DIS] (off-market instruction slip) if the balances are to be transferred to another Account. This requirement is not applicable in the case of “SHIFTING OF ACCOUNT”.

  8. Transfer

    In case of transfer cum closure please ensure the following:

    a. At least one of the account holders visits the branch.
    b. He/she carries a valid original identity proof for verification.
    c. Additionally, for obtaining a waiver of charges please note:

    i. The target account should be in the same combination of names and of the same type/subtype as the source account
    ii. Submit Client Master List (in crystal format) duly stamped and signed by an official of the target DP
    iii. For CDSL closure, a Self-attested Demat account holding statement is required


Can I close my Trading account and keep the Edelweiss Demat-account online active or vice versa?

Yes, that’s possible, the trading account can be closed.
If the trading account is active, the Demat account can be closed only if:

– The Demat account is a standalone Demat account or
– The Demat account is mapped as an addition with the clients Trading account or
– If the Demat account to be closed is mapped as default with your trading account we cannot close the same. You will have to map another DP account as default to the trading account and then initiate Demat account closure.

If the account holder is deceased, what is the process to close the Demat and trading account?

In order to close the Demat and trading account for a deceased please visit the nearest branch with the following details.
Death certificate, PAN copy, and Address proof of the deceased person.