How to Deactivate a 5paisa Account? | Closure Form

How to Deactivate 5paisa Account?

We have seen when we have to open an account with any brokerage firm we get numerous avenues. But when we want to close the same due to any issue we don’t get concrete information on the closure. Thereby, in this series, I will try to bring the information for Demat account closure for our Top Brokerage firm so that as a customer you don’t end up paying a huge maintenance fee though you’re not using it or not required anymore. In today’s article, we will cover “How to Deactivate a 5paisa Account in 2022?”.

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How to Deactivate 5paisa Account?

During the pandemic, from Kirana stores to biggies everyone went digital to meet the customer’s expectations. 5 paisa is no exception to this you can simply email them, raise a request on their website or call them on their support desk.

  1. Drop a mail from your registered email address onto or submit a query via this URL: & choose 5paisa support.
  2. With the corresponding mail, ensure you attach the scan copy of the enclosed form duly signed by all account holders.
  3. Fill in all all your required information in the common form for trading and demat account closure.
  4. Attach your self attested pancard copy with some address proof for KYC Verification.

Before dropping the mail, ensure your account holding is nil or you transfer it to other accounts of yours. Or else you provide additional documents like delivery instruction slip or RRF if balances are to be rematerialized. In case you have any outstanding charges please ensure you add some funds so that while closing the account they can adjust outstanding dues and can transfer the remaining amount to your linked saving bank account.

Once you provide all documents along with the closure form, the request will take 7 working days for processing. You will get the intimation in the same regard.

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