How to Start Trading with SBI Demat Account in 2023?

SBI Demat-Account


In our previous article, we have discussed the SBI Demat cum Trading Account in detail with brokerage charges as well. However, we have not covered how you can use the SBI Securities platform for trading. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss “How to start trading with SBI Demat-Account (SBI Demat cum Trading)?”. This article will introduce you all to the web platform of SBI Securities so that you become acquainted with the platform.

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You can experience SBI securities’ new web platform which is quite user-friendly and offers a range of rich features and products to give you a seamless trading experience. To design the platform to meet the need of first-time users as well as experts. With this platform, you get a host of benefits to enhance your experience:

  1. You can personalised your dashboards by profiling your trading experience.
  2. Easily you can customize the widgets so its accessible to one when you need them.
  3. You can explore new product range like E-margin, Equity SIP, Goods till date order & many more.
  4. Get the benefit of 3-in-1 account for instant fund transfer via UPI/Net banking.
  5. You get a real time portfolio valuation in case re-balancing is need to achieve the objective set.
  6. Above all, you get exhaustive research reports prepared by experts for making informed decisions.
  7. Most importantly, you get option to reconcile your Demat holding to ensure credit and debit happen as per your instructions.

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How to Start Trading with SBI Demat-Account?


Time needed: 1 minute

What are we waiting for when we know the agenda of the topic. Let’s start with these simple steps if you’re using the platform for the first time. (Buy a Stock)

  1. Go to SBI Securities Website

    Open the SBI Securities website and click on the login option available in the right corner of the platform. Alternatively, you can use this URL for login also: Firstly enter your client code, password, and then Date of Birth. After that, click on Login Now Button.
    How to Start Trading with SBI Demat Account in 2022?

  2. You can select the Stock from your Watchlist

    There are multiple ways to place an order on this platform. You can choose the Stock from the watchlist created by you or else under Equity Segment you can choose the buy option and then enter the Stock Name. Click on + Sign for Buy or Click on Buy Button.
    How to Start Trading with SBI Demat Account in 2022?

  3. Fill in your Order Details

    On the create page, fill in your order details like Quantity, choose a market place or limit order. For example, if you’re okay to buy at the market rate, then the order will execute at the current price. On the other hand, in a limit order, if you want to set a price upon which the transaction will get executed.
    How to Start Trading with SBI Demat Account in 2022?

  4. Click on Place Order

    After filling in the details on the order page, click on the place order button and it will preview the order details. In case you want to modify any order details you can do so by clicking on Modify Button.

  5. Click on Confirm Order Button

    If the details reflecting on preview pages are all okay or post-modification it’s as per your order. Then proceed with clicking on Confirm Order Button. In case of insufficient funds in your trading account, then you’ll be prompted to hold funds in your linked saving account. By clicking on Confirm & Hold you will be able to see a shortfall of funds in your trading account.

  6. Order Confirmation

    Post clicking on confirming & holding, your order will be placed & sent to the respective exchange for execution.

  7. Check the Order Status in Order Book

    You can simply check the order status in the order book. In case you wish to modify or cancel the order, the same is just a click away.

  8. Sell a Stock

    To sell stock via this platform you get multiple options like the Buy option. Similarly, you go on your watchlist or under the Equity segment choose the Sell option.

  9. Fill in your details

    To fill in the details, you can choose the exchange and enter the first few letters of the stock you wish to sell. After that, choose the product like cash, intraday followed with limit or market order selection followed with quantity to sell. Finally, click on the place order button.

  10. Preview the Sell Order

    Before confirming the sell option, just review the sell order details and choose the Demat account from which it’s supposed to be debit. Now click on Confirm and Hold.

  11. Congratulations! Your Sell Order is Confirmed

    After clicking on confirm and hold, you will get confirmation that sells order is placed successfully. You may check the order status in the order book for execution.

Hope we could make your trading journey with SBI Securities a little simpler with these detailed steps. In case you still have any queries or doubts, please inbox us.

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How to Start Trading with SBI Demat-Account?
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