How to Withdraw Money from IDFC Easy Buy Card? | T&C

How to Withdraw Money from IDFC Easy Buy Card? | What is IDFC Easy Buy Card? | IDFC Easy Buy EMI Card | T&C | Charges

What is IDFC Easy Buy Card?


The IDFC Easy Buy Card is a credit card offered by IDFC Bank in India. Here are some key points about the IDFC Easy Buy Card:

  1. Purpose:
    The IDFC Easy Buy Card is designed to provide customers with a convenient and flexible payment option for their purchases.
  2. Pre-approved Credit Limit:
    The card comes with a pre-approved credit limit, which allows cardholders to make purchases up to the assigned limit.
  3. Easy EMIs:
    One of the primary features of the IDFC Easy Buy Card is the option to convert purchases into Equated Monthly Installments (EMIs). Cardholders can convert eligible transactions into EMIs, making it easier to manage their expenses.
  4. No Documentation:
    The IDFC Easy Buy Card does not require any additional documentation for application. It simplifies the process and makes it more accessible for customers to obtain the card.
  5. Universal Acceptance:
    The card is widely accepted, both online and at physical stores, that accept Visa or Mastercard. Cardholders can use the IDFC Easy Buy Card to make payments at millions of merchants worldwide.
  6. Reward Points:
    The IDFC Easy Buy Card may offer reward points on eligible transactions. Cardholders can accumulate these reward points and redeem them for various benefits, such as discounts, vouchers, or other offers.
  7. Easy Bill Payments:
    The IDFC Easy Buy Card provides a convenient way to pay utility bills and other expenses. Cardholders can set up automatic bill payments or make manual payments through the IDFC Bank’s online or mobile banking platforms.
  8. Secure Transactions:
    The IDFC Easy Buy Card comes with enhanced security features, including EMV chip technology, which provides added protection against fraudulent transactions.
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How to Withdraw Money from IDFC Easy Buy Card?


General Approach

To withdraw money from your IDFC Easy Buy Card, you can follow these steps:

  1. Locate an ATM:
    Find an ATM that accepts your IDFC Easy Buy Card. Look for ATMs that display the Visa or Mastercard logo, depending on the type of card you have.
  2. Insert your card:
    Insert your IDFC Easy Buy Card into the ATM’s card slot.
  3. Enter your PIN:
    Enter the PIN (Personal Identification Number) associated with your IDFC Easy Buy Card when prompted on the ATM screen. This PIN is typically provided to you when you receive your card.
  4. Select “Withdrawal”:
    On the ATM screen, select the “Withdrawal” or “Cash Withdrawal” option from the available menu.
  5. Enter the amount:
    Enter the desired amount of money you wish to withdraw from your IDFC Easy Buy Card. Ensure that the amount does not exceed the available balance on your card.
  6. Confirm the transaction:
    Review the details of your withdrawal, including the amount, and confirm the transaction on the ATM screen.
  7. Collect your cash:
    The ATM will dispense the requested amount in cash. Collect the cash from the dispenser.
  8. Take your card and receipt:
    Once the cash is dispensed, remember to take your IDFC Easy Buy Card from the ATM and collect the transaction receipt if offered by the ATM.

Approach with Minimum Charges

To send your money using an IDFC Easy Buy Card, you generally have the following options:

  1. Online Payment Platforms:
    Some online payment platforms or mobile wallets allow you to pay your rent using a credit card. These platforms may include Paytm, PhonePe, Google Pay, or the IDFC Easy Buy Card website or app.
    You would typically need to sign in or create an account, link your IDFC Easy Buy Card as a payment method, and follow the instructions provided to initiate the rent payment.
  2. Rent Payment Services:
    There are dedicated rent payment services available that facilitate paying rent using a credit card. These services often charge a convenience fee for processing the transaction.
  3. Withdraw
    Now you can withdraw cash from the receiver’s debit card.
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Terms & Conditions

  1. The maximum loan amount allowed per transaction is ₹1 lakh.
  2. You are allowed 8 active loans. The maximum number of loans allowed, at any given point of time, cannot exceed 8.
  3. Rate of Interest as decided by Bank will be communicated to you at the time of availing the offer and will also be mentioned in the charge slip
  4. The Loan amount will be repayable by you to the Bank in Equated Monthly Instalments (“EMI”) over the EMI Term opted by You. “EMI Term” means 3, 6, 9 ,12,18 & 24 months, as opted by You.
  5. For a loan value equal to or below ₹5000, the allowed tenor for EMI is 3 months.
  6. A Standing Instruction equivalent to the monthly instalment amount will be set up automatically upon availing this facility on your account linked to your Debit Card with which payment was made.
  7. Due date reminder alert will be sent to your registered mobile number, two days prior to the EMI due date.
  8. In case, you cancel the purchase transaction completed through the Facility, refund will be processed as per the Pre-Approved EMI Terms laid by the Bank.
  9. GST as laid down by Government of India will be applicable to all fees & charges
  10. Your liability towards the Bank will be extinguished only when the availed loan amount with interest including the penal interest, if any, is paid in full.
  11. All decisions regarding loan eligibility of the Customer as decided by Bank, are final.