IPO Applying Time – Cut Off Time for Online IPO Application

IPO Applying Time

IPO Applying Time in India


In this article, we will discuss IPO applying time in India as it’s very crucial to understand the timing, or else as an investor you may miss on bidding. To apply a bid to an IPO, one can place a bid during market hours between 9 am to 5 pm on normal days.

Generally, the period for which an IPO remains opens for the book-building process ranges between 3-7 working days and is extendable to another 3 days in case of price band revision. In addition, for the fixed-price issue, it remains open for the public from 3-10 working days.

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Oversubscribed IPO

Cut Off Time for Online IPO Application


The cut-off time for applying for an IPO is the closing time post which banks/brokers stop accepting bids on the closing day of an IPO. This timeline differs from bank to bank via ASBA facility and their cut-offs are likewise :

Cut Off TimeBanks
2:00 PMSBI/PNB/Kotak Mahindra Bank/Indusind/Corporation Bank
4:00 PMCanara /Central bank

Similarly, for the broking apps like Zerodha and others, it allows you to place a bid till 5 pm. But a good practice would be if you apply before 3 pm on the last day to ensure the stock exchange at least process your request. During the last hours, due to the rush of huge traffic or server down it may impact your bidding application process.

Alternatively, if you apply via offline mode which is not commonly seen these days, it is also accepted till 5 pm.
But would be best if you apply a day before in offline mode to increase the chances of getting your application processed.

How Long is the IPO Process?


Let’s understand the time involved at each stage of the IPO process before deciding to apply or not to apply:

DescriptionTime Frame
IPO Windows
1) Fixed Price Issue3-10 Business Days
2) Book built Issue3-7 Business Days with 3 days extension in case of price revision
Allotment of Shares6 Business days post IPO subscription close date
Listing of Share on Stock ExchangeWithin 7 days from the Allotment of Shares
Refund Initiation for Non AllotmentWithin 15 days of closure of the Issue

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Can we apply for IPO after 5 pm?

Yes, we can apply for IPO after 5 pm except on the closure day as there is a cut-off time for each bank.

Can I apply for IPO 2 times?

No, a person cannot apply for multiple applications in an IPO as PAN will be a common identifier.

What happens when IPO gets rejected?

In case you applied via ASBA facility then in case of IPO rejection, the lien will be removed. Or any other mode refund will be initiated for non allotment of shares.

Can I bid more than the cutoff price in IPO?

Yes, you can bid at a ceiling price of the band, and cut -off price gets derived within the price band. In case you bidding more than the cut-off price then you will get an allotment and the excess amount will be unblocked or refunded.

How do I know if my IPO is successful?

Post allotment of shares investors gets notified on their registered email address with the allotment details.

Can I apply for IPO at the night?

Yes, you can but the application will be processed in the next business days. However, some will not be applicable on the closure date of the IPO subscription.

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