IPO Blocked Amount not Refunded – How do I get my money back from a blocked IPO?

IPO Blocked Amount not Refunded - How do I get my money back from a blocked IPO?

I know we get worried when our IPO blocked amount does not get refunded as per the outlined timelines. We try to seek information on How to get our blocked amount back. But many of us are not aware of what’s exactly are we supposed to do in such a situation or whom to approach. Therefore, you’re are at the right place to know every bit of it. Without wasting much of your time let’s get into it.

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IPO Blocked Amount not Refunded


In 2021, SEBI has mandated ASBA facility for all public issues for all categories of investors.

Presently more than 99.5 percent of banks provide ASBA facilities via online or offline mode. Considering the reach and benefits ASBA offers, SEBI has now made this a mandatory route for IPO applications. ASBA enables investors to authorize their banks to block the application amount without losing interest on the lien amount for the intervening period.

Once allotment finalizes by the issuer, either the full amount will initiate in case of nonreceipt of subscriptions. Or else it will debit the application amount for partial allotment. As per current SEBI guidelines, the refund should initiate within four days of partial or nonreceipt of allotment of shares. However, SCSB takes a maximum of 15 days time to unblock the amount. By the mandate end date, your bank should automatically release the block amount.

Post 12 days of allotment, the blocked amount if not released you can contact your bank or escalate to NPCI.

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How Do I Get My Money Back From a Blocked IPO?


Post the expiry of the mandate end date, if your application amount is not put back in your account. You can check with your bank but if the issue still remains unresolved. In such cases, please escalate the issue to the Registrar of the IPO. As registrar is responsible for processing IPO applications, allocation of shares, and refund processing.

To process the refund, there is no role of merchant bankers or brokers hence the right authority to escalate is the Registrar of the IPO. Before contacting Registrar or SEBI, ensure you have contacted your bank or UPI app by which you have made this payment. As a result, these intermediaries are in a position not to help you.

In case you have not received the refund as per the outlined timelines, please follow the below steps:

  1. You can visit the Registrar local office but its not possible until you reside in the same city.
  2. Best way to approach them is dropping an formal mail on the email address specified on IPO prospectus with your details to verify the details. Email should contain the subject of the mail,company name, application number,applicant name,no. of shares applied,applied amount, bank id, DP ID, Depository client ID.
  3. If you fails to hear anything from Registrar of the IPO, then the last resort left is SEBI, please lodge a complaint on SEBI Score Portal:

Hope you like this article, in case still, you fail to understand or your queries remain unanswered. Please do let us know we would love to help you!

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