MO Trader Review – Hidden Brokerage Fees & Plans | MO Trader vs MO Investor

MO Trader Review

Motilal Oswal MO Trader App 2021


In this article, we will discuss Motilal Oswal‘s “MO Trader App” what does it mean, its benefits, how to use the app, and the plans it offers to its customers. Let’s dive into it:

Motilal Oswal is one of the prominent financial service providers. It allows customers to trade-in equity & commodity market, derivatives, currencies, and mutual funds. Moreover, MO provides market insights and uses advanced technology-led tools to impress investors/traders to put their faith in them.

Motilal Oswal Trader app is considered one of the best performing apps that provide several features to their customers. It is specially designed to keep the need of passionate traders in mind. Rated as one of the best trading apps in India which helps its customers to learn, research, invest and trade with this app.

It offers customized action plans, technical charts, and ratios to compare the performance of the portfolio, live streaming, customized reports based on the frequency customer has subscribed for daily/weekly/monthly/yearly to make an informed decision.

As time plays an integral role in trading hence you can enjoy high-speed execution with negligible glitches and an efficient customer service team. Hence, this app is considered a next-generation trading terminal that offers its customers to invest in a market without facing huge losses.

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How to Use Trader App?


Time needed: 5 minutes

Let’s check out how an investor or trader can use this app. Here I’m sharing the steps that one can utilize for setting up the MO Trader App:

  1. Platforms

    The app is available for Android and IOS platforms.

  2. MO Trade App

    Visit the play store and search for Motilal Oswal Trade App.

  3. Install

    Click on the Install option.

  4. Login

    Once Installed it will give two options client login or guest login.

  5. Signup

    Client login is synonymous with the sign-in option and guest login is like a signup option for first-time users.

  6. Guest Login

    As a guest login, fill in the required details, enter your nickname and password.

  7. Log in

    You will receive a password on your registered mail id, log in with username and password, and you’re set to trade.

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MO Trader vs MO Investor


Motilal Oswal offers two versions of this app, one is meant for investors and the other for traders. Well, investors and traders look-alike like the common man but in the stock exchange, they are considered different concerning their approach, strategy, and goals.

Investors take a long-term approach while investing in the market and do not worry about short-term losses whereas traders do frequent transactions and aim to generate returns quickly from fluctuating markets.

MO Investors AppMO Trader App
Investors app is used for long-term investment in the stock market.Trader App is used for trading in the stock market to make short terms profits.
Provides a list of best-performing mutual funds schemes with expert rankings and reviews.Can access 19+ technical screeners that help traders to find the right trading opportunities at the right time.
Can Calculate their portfolio’s net worth.Access to the latest market-related updates across companies, industry & economic events based on your stock held in your portfolio.
Get customized recommendations in equity investment.Provide a detailed and up-to-date summary of your trading activity.
Provide real-time authenticated news picked from reliable sources.Allow pinning your most viewed screen for quick access.
Can build a diversified portfolio based on your risk profile with your investment amount and tenure.Allow placing bulk orders at the time you desire.
Easy reports to track the status of your investment.Provide a price alert option with an indication of the desired price level.

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MO Trader Plans With Brokerage Charges


Motilal Oswal offers two plans to their Trader category. Let’s check these plans applicable to which trader category with brokerage charges.

1) Value Pack Plan: It is a prepaid brokerage plan and is meant for active traders which offer cheaper brokerage when traders pay an upfront fee. 7 value pack options are starting from Rs 2500 up to 1 lac.

Upfront Fees (one time)Rs 2,500Rs 3,000Rs 5,000Rs 10,000Rs 30,000Rs 50,000Rs 1,00,000
Account Opening FeeRs 0Rs 0Rs 0Rs 0Rs 0Rs 0Rs 0
Demat Account AMC (1st Year Free)Rs 299Rs 299Rs 550Rs 550Rs 550Rs 550Rs 550
Delivery Brokerage0.40% (min 2 paise)0.35% (min 2 paise)0.30% (min 2 paise)0.25% (min 1 paise)0.20% (min 1 paise)0.15% (min 1 paise)0.10% (min 1 paise)
Intraday Cash (Equity) (both side)0.040% (min 1 paise)0.035% (min 1 paise)0.030% (min 1 paise)0.025% (min 1 paise)0.020% (min 1 paise)0.015% (min 1 paise)0.010% (min 1 paise)
Intraday Futures (Equity & Commodities) (both side)0.040% (min 1 paise)0.035% (min 1 paise)0.030% (min 1 paise)0.025% (min 1 paise)0.020% (min 1 paise)0.015% (min 1 paise)0.010% (min 1 paise)
Options (Equity) (both side)Rs 50 per lotRs 45 per lotRs 40 per lotRs 30 per lotRs 25 per lotRs 25 per lotRs 20 per lot
Options (Currency) (both side)Rs 22 per lotRs 20 per lotRs 18 per lotRs 15 per lotRs 12 per lotRs 12 per lotRs 10 per lot
Source: Chittorgarh Website

Margin Scheme


Margin Scheme: This scheme is meant for frequent traders. The brokerage will keep reducing when you keep higher-margin money in your trading account:

SchemeMargin Rs 0 to Rs 24999Margin Rs 25000 to Rs 49999Margin Rs 50000 to Rs 99999Margin Rs 100000 to Rs 299999Margin Rs 300000 to Rs 499999Margin Rs 500000
Trading Account AMCRs 800 per yearRs 299 per yearRs 299 per yearRs 299 per yearRs 299 per yearRs 299 per year
Admin ChargesRs 199 per yearRs 199 per yearRs 199 per yearRs 199 per yearRs 199 per yearRs 199 per year
Equity Delivery Brokerage0.50% (Min 5 Paise)0.40% (Min 3 Paise)0.30% (Min 3 Paise)0.25% (Min 3 Paise)0.20% (Min 2 Paise)0.15% (Min 1 Paise)
Equity Intraday Cash & Future0.05% ( Min 5 Paise )0.04% (Min 4 Paise)0.03% (Min 3 Paise)0.025% (Min 2 Paise)0.02% (Min 2 Paise)0.015% (Min 1 Paise)
OptionsRs 100 per lotRs 75 per lotRs 70 per lotRs 50 per lotRs 40 per lotRs 25 per lot
Currency Futures & OptionsRs 20 per lotRs 20 per lotRs 20 per lotRs 20 per lotRs 20 per lotRs 20 per lot
Source: Chittorgarh Website

Motilal app definitely offers a long list of benefits but as per the latest reviews from the market, the updated version of this app is not so effective and their customer service team is also of not much of use. In addition, they charge high brokerage charges as compare to other apps available in the market.

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