NSDL IDeAS (SPEED-e) Registration: Procedure, Features & Charges 2023

NSDL IDEAS (Speed-e) Registration: Procedure, Features & Charges 2022

Now our own NSDL has come up with a new option for the IDeAS & SPEED-E facility which we will be talking about in detail to make to understand how its works and what you need to do to avail of this facility.
Before getting into the details of the NSDL IDeAS Registration discussion, let us first see what is the IDeAS & SPEED-E facility?

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What is SPEED-E and IDeAS Registration in NSDL?


To submit instructions online (market and off-market), you can register for the SPEED-e facility ( Investors submit mutual fund redemption and confirm off-market instructions as well on the SPEED-e facility.
The users of SPEED-e can also check the latest balances and transactions in their Demat accounts through the facility called Internet-based Demat Account Statement (IDeAS) and monitor the status of the execution of their instructions.
As you might already know, you can manually transfer the shares held in your Demat account to another one. Now you can easily initiate the online transfer of shares via NSDL IDeAS/SPEED-e.
You no longer have to do it manually by filling and submitting DIS to your depository participant.

In SPEED-e, there are two types of options available:-
1) Password-based and
2) Smart Card-based access of SPEED-e facility. However, we are focusing here only on password-based access.
If one is registered with SPEED-e or IDeAS facility, no separate registration is required for the website/app. The app/website can be accessed using the same login credentials.

SPEED-E Mobile App & Charges 2023


The NSDL SPEED-e mobile application can be downloaded on Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Demat account holders can register for IDeAS facility through the NSDL mobile application.

NSDL charges the depository participants (DPs). DPs have their own charge structure for their customer. You can contact your DP for charges. However, for freezing your account through SPEED-e, NSDL has advised the DPs not to charge more than Rs. 25/- per instruction.

NSDL IDeAS Registration Procedure


Before beginning the NSDL IDeAS registration process, you need to keep the following details handy :

  • 8-digit depository participant (DP) ID.
  • Client ID.
  • To be able to avail of the facility, it is necessary to have the mobile number of the sole holder/first holder or the second holder or the third holder to be registered with the Demat account.

Once you have these details handy you begin the NSDL IDeAS registration process.

Time needed: 5 minutes

It is simple, easy, and convenient to register and enable the IDeAS facility in a few steps

  1. Register Online for IDeAS

    Demat Account holders need to visit the NSDL eServices website
    Click on “Register Online for IDeAS”, placed on left side of the screen

  2. Submit

    Fill in the required details & click on “Submit” to register for IDeAS Facility

  3. OTP

    Select from the above-mentioned options to verify the Demat Account. Then, click on “Submit”
    In case of option 2, the OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number

  4. Submission

    Enter the required details for Submission.
    Your user ID is the unique identification that was created for you to use when you sign in to IDeAS Facility.

  5. Confirmation

    Once Mobile verification through OTP is confirmed, you will get the Registration Confirmation page.

    Once you agree to the terms and conditions by clicking on the check box, select “Confirm” button to successfully register.

  6. IDeAS facility

    You have successfully registered. Select “Click here” to access IDeAS facility

  7. Login

    Login to your account using the “User ID” & “Password” that you have set

  8. Confirm Email ID

    “Confirm” your email ID. Incase of any changes, update your mail ID in the given text box

  9. IDeAS Facility


Who can avail of IDeAS?

IDeAS can be availed of by any Demat account holder including Clearing Members) who
has opened an account with any of the Participants under the NSDL system? You can avail
IDeAS as a Password or as a Smart Card user.

Who can avail of SPEED-e?

SPEED-e can be availed of by any Demat account holder provided its DP has registered
with NSDL for this purpose.

If I have several Demat Accounts, can I operate all these accounts through SPEED-e?

Yes. You can operate all your demat accounts through SPEED-e provided your DP has
joined SPEED-e and you have registered each of your accounts separately with distinct
User-Ids (applicable for both password and smart card-based users). In case you are a
smart card user, you can use the same smart card to operate all your Demat accounts.