SBI Realty Home Loan EMI Calculator

SBI Realty Home Loan EMI Calculator


SBI Realty Home Loan is offered to individuals who wish to purchase or construct a house.
Under this loan, customer can also avail another home loan for construction of house on plot financed.
The construction of the home should take place within Five years from the date the loan has been permitted.
Any salaried or non salaried professionals who wants to purchase plots for the construction of the residential house.
It provides comfortable repayment tenure up to 10 years with an attractive interest rate.
Using an SBI Realty Loan Calculator, borrowers can calculate their monthly installments before applying. 

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SBI Realty Loan Calculator

By entering your basic information like loan amount, number of months and annual interest rate.
You will be able to calculate your loan Monthly Payment, Total Interest and Total Principal along with Interest.
Hence, an online Realty loan calculator can assist you out significantly by providing the following benefits :

  • Assist you determine the right amount that can make your EMIs affordable.
  • It enables you to select the correct tenor to ensure the EMIs are easily manageable.
  • Eliminates the need for manual calculation, which can deliver inaccurate results and also be time-consuming.
  • Use anywhere link computer, mobile etc.


The mathematical formula to calculate Equated Monthly Installment (EMI) is:
EMI = P × r × (1 + r)n/((1 + r)n – 1)
where r= interest rate,
P= Loan amount,
n=tenure in number of months.

The results will show 3 things –

EMIThis amount is to be paid each month till the Realty loan is fully paid.
Break upIt shows the interest portion in every month’s EMI.
The rest is the principle being repaid each month.
Loan SummarySummary shows the break-up of the interest paid and principle repaid out of the EMI each month till the end of the tenure.