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SCSS Calculator

SCSS stands for Senior Citizen Savings Scheme & SCSS has been effective from 2-August-2004.
It offers a regular stream of income with the highest safety.
Attractive interest rate along with tax-saving benefits (Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961).
SCSS calculator 2022 & Interest Rate calculator is exceptionally helpful utility for figuring maturity sum and premium earned.

Important Points for SCSS

  • Maturity tenure : 5 year
    The account can be extended for further 3 years within one year of the maturity by giving application in prescribed format.
  • Deposit Limit : There shall be only one deposit in the account in multiple of INR.1000/- Maximum not exceeding INR 15 lakh.
  • Interest rates : From 01.01.2022 7.4 % per annum.

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How to Use the SCSS Calculator?

Senior citizen savings scheme & Interest rate Calculator 2022 is straightforward.
You simply need to enter your investment sum, and perform computation. it will show maturity sum and premium total earned.

Senior Citizen Savings Interest rate

Time IntervalInterest (% Yearly)
Q4- Jan to March 20217.4
Q3- October to December 20207.4
Q2- July to September 20207.4
Q1 April to June 20207.4
Q4 Jan to March 20198.6
Q3 Oct to Dec 20198.6
Q2 Jul to Sep 20198.6
Q1 Apr to Jun 20198.7
Q4 Jan to March 20198.7
Q3 Oct to Dec 20188.7
Q2 Jul to Sep 20188.3
Q1 Apr to Jun 20188.3
Q4 Jan to March 20188.3
Q3 Oct to Dec 20178.3
Q2 Jul to Sep 20178.3
Q1 Apr to Jun 20178.4


In short, this is a standout amongst other plan for our senior resident unit post their retirement period which will give the consistent and good interest along with government security.