Today’s New IPO Listing – How to Choose Best IPO for Investment?

Today New IPO Listing - How to Choose Best IPO for Investment?

What is IPO Listing means?

In this article, we are going to cover Today’s New IPO Listing. But before getting into the list let’s discuss in brief what is IPO and what factors we should consider before investing in an IPO.

IPO is a lengthy process by which companies usually hope to raise fresh capital. A private company goes public via an IPO. Once the share allotment is complete, the issuing company has to fulfill the required formalities within a week to 12 days time before its shares hit the stock exchange. The last step in this process refers to IPO Listing when finally shares hit the exchanges and are available for trading thereafter.

Usually, traders and smart investor park their funds during IPO launches to book listing gains. Listing gains can be booked via the purchase and sale of shares in a public issue. Listing gains can be made if the opening/listing price is higher than the allotment/cutoff price.

How to Choose Best IPO for Investment?


When the equity market is flooded with IPO, investors get confused due to varied choices..It can be tricky for investors which is the best to buy from a pool of IPO. Here are some evaluations which one must consider to identify a good IPO for investment:

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Business Strength of New IPO Listing

One must thoroughly review the company’s business model, historical performance, and management hierarchy.
When should evaluate the IPO from the red herring prospectus? It contains most of the information which you as an investor need to evaluate the company’s business and performance. Invest only if you think the company has got strong market presence with the business model, financial well being and potential to grow in the future.

Promoter Intentions


If a company is running their top management would like to stick by the company while it’s growing and profitable. Before investing in an IPO, always check how much promoter group interest is getting diluted. As per law, promoters should hold at least 20% after an IPO. In case promoters are diluting their stake significantly that means insiders do not have faith in the company. It’s best to stay away from such companies’ IPO.

Use of Capital

IPO launch by companies means raising capital from the public, Before going public, the issuer has to disclose the usage of this capital in the red herring prospectus. One should opt for IPOs wherein IPO is launched to raise capital for deployment of new technology, setting up a new production unit, entering into a different sector,s or acquiring new business instead of settling old claims, repaying old debts, making a working capital related investment.

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One should not invest in companies name instead look for price to sales and price to earnings ratio for evaluating the worth of the shares. These ratios can easily be derived by diving the price of a company’s stock by its sales per share and net income oper shares respectively. A thorough competitor analysis will help you in choosing the right IPO for investment.

Growth Prospects

Strong track records do not guarantee strong performance in the future. As after reaching a peak companies’ revenue get stagnant at a plateau instead one should opt for a company that has the strongest growth potential. To analysis this factor, one can check how much expenditure the company is occurring on new technology, innovation and whether they are exploiting this strength by minimizing its weakness.

Today’s New IPO Listing Name


Recently Listed

Here is the list of IPOs which got listed recently with their listing gains if any:

CompanyIssue PriceListed DateOpenCloseListing Gain (%)
Shriram Properties11820th Dec9499.4-15.76
RateGain Travel42517th Dec364.8340.5-19.88
Anand Rathi55014th Dec584.5583.56.09
Tega Industries45313th Dec753725.560.15
Star Health90010th Dec903906.850.76
DMR Hydroengine217th Dec2526.2525
Omnipotent Ind6329th Nov89.3594.0549.29
Tarsons Product66226th Nov70084026.89
Latent View19723rd Nov530488.6148.02
One 97 Paytm215018th Nov19551564.15-27.25
Sapphire Foods118018th Nov13111216.053.06
Suyog Gurbaxani4516th Nov45.1545.10.22
SJS Enterprises54215th Nov514509.85-5.93
Sigachi Ind16315th Nov575603.75270.4
PB Fintech98015th Nov14441202.922.74
Fino Payments57712th Nov548545.25-5.5
FSN E-Co Nykaa112510th Nov20012206.796.15

Running and Upcoming:

InstrumentStart dateEnd datePrice rangeMinimum qty.
SONUINFRA2022-04-292022-05-0536 – 363000
LICI2022-05-042022-05-09902 – 94915
CAMPUS2022-04-262022-04-28278 – 29251
RAINBOW2022-04-272022-04-29516 – 54227
LEMERITE2022-04-252022-04-2875 – 751600

Hope we manage to meet your expectations while bringing the latest content.

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Is IPO first come first serve?

No, IPO shares do not get allotted on first cum first basis instead depends on who has placed a bid above the cut-off price.

Can we sell IPO shares immediately?

Yes, you can once shares get listed on the stock exchange.

Is buying IPO a good idea?

Depends on which companies IPO you plan to invest in. Not all IPOs are good bets always evaluate the above factors before investing in any IPO.

How many shares can I buy in IPO?

As per SEBI guidelines, a person cannot bid less than the minimum lot size.