What is an IPO Applicant in SBI? | IPO Application through ASBA?

IPO Application

Initial Public Offering Applicant

This article aims to explain the process to adding an applicant using SBI Online.
Let’s discuss about the “What is IPO Applicant in SBI” before go ahead.
An Investor can apply for Initial Public Offering (IPO) and Follow on Public Offer (FPO) online, remember that an IPO and FPO order cannot be placed directly via a broker.
The Investor need to place the order via SBI bank that provides you with ASBA (Application Supported by Blocked Amount) facility.
After an investor has created the demat-cum-saving or current account, he needs to be familiar with the ASBA facility.
It is compulsory for every IPO and FPO applicant.
The ASBA is an application that enables the SBI to arrest amount in the applicant’s bank account.

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How to Add IPO Applicant in SBI?


Time needed: 3 minutes.

The process to adding an applicant in SBI involves following steps

  1. Login to your SBI online account

    Enter URL in the web browser and Click on Personal Banking login.

  2. Continue to login

    On the personal banking page click on “Continue to login”.

  3. Credentials

    Enter your net-banking User ID and Password.

  4. Profile

    Click on “Profile” tab.

  5. Manage

    Click on “Manage IPO Applicant”.

  6. Enter your Online SBI Net banking Profile Password
    and then Click on “Submit”

    If you do not have profile password then please contact home bank branch or use the “Forgot profile password”.

  7. Enter Applicant Name, Pan Card Details and then select your “Depository”

    Enter your account number and add a nickname for this Applicant. Then Click on “Add”.

  8. Confirm

    Confirm the added details and Click on “Confirm”.

  9. OTP

    Please enter OTP sent to the number registered with SBI & click on “Confirm”.

  10. Message

    Confirmation message will appear.

  11. Edit/Delete

    You can also Edit & Delete the Applicant.

ASBA IPO Application Status

The Investor can verify the status of application in the IPO History link ( > e-Services > Demat Services and ASBA Services > IPO (Equity) > IPO History.
The history page displays the Reference number, Name of the Company, Application date, Lien Mark Amount and Lien Mark Status.