What is LTP in Share Market? | What is LTP in Zerodha for Beginners?

What is LTP in Share Market? | What is LTP in Zerodha

When I started my journey in the stock market 10 years back, then I was unsure which things you should analyze before narrowing down your buying priorities. Over time, I learned a lot many things which were never taught in the classroom. Guess that comes with time & experience. But when I’m here then you need not worry friends. I’m here to make your journey a little easier which was not so possible a decade back. Therefore in this Stock Market Series, I’m going to discuss What is LTP in the Share Market with an example and What is LTP in Zerodha especially for newbies. Let’s begin then!

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What is LTP in Share Market with Example?


LTP refers to the last traded price. It is the price locked on which the last transaction or trade occurred on the day. LTP is essential in determining in which direction the stock price will move on the next day. Therefore, LTP is the indicator of the price movement on a real-time basis. However, many of us get confused that LTP is the closing price of the stock. But that is not true instead the closing price of the day on NSE is the weighted average price of the last 30 mins of trading.

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Knowing a stock’s Last Traded Price is critical information for a stock market trader since it indicates the most recent price at which a buyer was ready to pay for it. As a result, it might serve as a starting point for your Ask Price or Bid Price.

For example, if a share’s LTP is Rs 200 and you believe the price will fall, you can set a Bid Price of 180. If you expect the price to rise, you can set the Bid Price to Rs. 205-210 to account for the price difference between when you place the order and when it is executed. You can also look at different LTPs of stock to discover patterns and trade positions accordingly.

LTP Zerodha


Let’s see where you can find LTP on Zerodha Kite App. Here are a few simple steps to check the LTP of a stock:

Time needed: 1 minute

Let’s check out how you can check the ATP for the stock on your Zerodha Kite App:

  1. Login

    Log in onto your Zerodha Kite App with your Login credential.

  2. Go to the Marketwatch Screen

    Type the stock name in the Universal Search Bar and click on Add option to get the stock added to your watchlist. The Marketwatch screen will display the last traded price of the stock with LTP%. If LTP change is positive it will show in green or else in red ink.

Hope you now know where you can check the last traded price on the Zerodha App and why you should check before you start the trade.

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