What is MMID in Bank? | How to Generate MMID?| What is MMID in SBI, HDFC and ICICI Bank?

What is MMID in Bank

What is MMID in Bank?


Mobile Money Identifier is also known as MMID is a 7 digit number allotted by your Bank for receiving funds through Immediate Payment Service(IMPS).
The bank will assign MMID when you register your mobile number and account number in which you want to receive the amount.
If you have more than one bank account, you will get a separate MMID for each a/c.
Buyers can make payments using IMPS via their registered mobile phone or SMS.

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How does MMID Works?


A customer who wants to send funds and the beneficiary/buyer who will receive the amount,
both are assumed to have Mobile Money Identifier for carrying out any interbank fund transfer (NEFT/RTGS) using a mobile number.

Firstly, the MMID number is used when a customer wants to send/receive funds via the Immediate Payment Service procedure.
The MMID is a unique number for all bank accounts.
The same mobile no can be linked to dissimilar MMIDs.

Immediate Payment Service(IMPS ) is a type of online money transfer service offered through any bank to its customers.
IMPS was launched in 2010.
A customer can transfer money in real-time with IMPS.
The most usual approach to transfer funds via IMPS is using one’s bank a/c and IFSC information.
IMPS can be used to transfer money to any individual who holds a bank a/c with any bank.

How to Generate MMID in Bank?


A customer should have a bank a/c along with mobile banking services.
If the customer has not registered the mobile number with their bank.
They can visit the nearby branch and submit the application form to avail of mobile service.
MMIDs’ can be generated and retrieved via the following options:

Text message (SMS).
Bank’s Mobile banking application.
Bank’s Website.

Each bank has a dissimilar approach to generating a mobile banking-registered user’s MMID via all of the above options.
To generate your MMID via any of the above platforms, you need to check your respective bank’s website or go to a nearby branch and understand which option suits you best.

You may then select any of the above alternatives and generate or regenerate your MMID.



If you are registered for SBI Mobile Banking,
MMID will be allocated for the main account permitted for Mobile Banking Service.
For getting MMID in for other accounts,
Kindly generate either via the SBI Freedom application
“Requests > Generate MMID”


for SMS banking customers send SMS “MMID UserID” to 9223440000.

If you are not registered for SBI Mobile Banking,
You can also simply generate MMID for all your accounts by sending
“MMID <Bank Code> <11 digit Account number>” to 9223440000
to Generate MMID.
Bank Codes can be SBI,SBH,SBM,SBBJ,SBP and SBT.

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via Net Banking Website

  • Login to HDFC Bank website.
  • Under Accounts – Click on request option.
  • Select “Generate MMID” and check the account details.
  • Click on ‘Continue’ and your MMID will be generated immediately.

via HDFC MobileBanking App

  • Log in to the HDFC Bank’s MobileBanking app.
  • Select “Funds Transfer”.
  • Select “Generate MMID” and then click on “Continue”.
  • Your MMID will be generated immediately.

If you already have MMID and are still facing registration errors,
Kindly select the “Retrieve MMID” option instead of the “Generate MMID” and continue with the same.

via USSD(Unstructured Supplementary Service Data):

  • Dial *99#.
  • Reply with HDFC.
  • Reply with 6.
  • Your MMID will be sent to your registered mobile number.

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  • iMobile Banking App
    Customers can generate MMID using this app.
    After logging in to app, pick “Smart Keys and Service” then “Account Services” and then show MMID Code.
    With this process, your 7-digit MMID number will be generated.
  • via SMS
    Type MMID then last 4-digits of your bank a/c number and send it to 9222208888.
    After this, the bank will send an SMS with your 7-digit MMID code.
  • via USSD
    Dial *525#.
    Now, Press 7 from your mobile to get more options.
    Press 4 followed by the last 4-digits of your bank a/c number to generate your MMID.
    After completing this process, your MMID code will be displayed.

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