What is a Small case Zerodha? How to Invest in 2022 via Zerodha?

What is Smallcase Zerodha? How to Invest in 2022 via Zerodha?

We are here to make your investment journey easy in 2022. We have been talking a lot about stocks and mutual funds but both come with their own pros and cons. That’s where the Small case comes as a platform that offers investors the option of creating or investing in ideas, themes, or strategies. Therefore, we are going to discuss what is a Smallcase Zerodha. Most Importantly, will cover how to invest in 2022 in Small cases via Zerodha.

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What is Smallcase Zerodha?

Small cases are the modern way of investment in a diversified portfolio that comes with low cost and is suitable for wealth creation options. These small cases are designed on simple ideas, themes, or strategies that one can easily understand. Most importantly, it is designed by India’s leading financial experts and analysts who are SEBI registered investment advisors. Above all, they provide advice that is backed by solid research analysis.

Small cases are very flexible and you can customize as per your investment need. It allows you to edit the constituents any time anywhere just by a click on your app. On top of it, you can create your small cases as per your vision and finance expertise. Each small case is designed by a curated investment manager that reflects a theme, idea, strategy, or objective to achieve your financial goal. It is just a basket of stocks or ETFs meeting a particular financial aim.

In 2016 they came with an idea to invest in GST, affordable housing, and digital India. When there were very few options in the industry as such. As a result, it gained popularity in a short time. The small case has joined hand with these top brokerage firms in India to offer portfolio advisory. The list includes Zerodha, Axis Capital, HDFC Securities, Edelweiss Securities, Angelone, Groww, 5paisa, Kotak Securities, Upstox, Alice Blue, IIFL Securities, Motilal Oswal, and Trustline.

All you need is a trading and Demat account with these broking partners to get set for Smallcase, However, we will cover only Small case platform usage via Zerodha App in this article.

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How to Invest in 2022 via Zerodha?


Time needed: 1 minute.

Now we have understood what is Small case and it can be used via Zerodha App. However, we are still unsure about its usage. Let’s understand how to invest in the small case via Zerodha:

  1. Visit and choose your broker for Login

    Use this URL for the login page: and choose Zerodha from the listed brokerage firm. After that, enter your Zerodha credentials to log in on Smallcase.

  2. Search for Discover Tab

    Once you log in on the Smallcase platform, search for Discover Tab on top of the screen to check all the available smallcases.

  3. Use the different filters to choose the right Smallcase

    There are multiple filters to choose the right smallcase as per your budget, investment strategy, and volatility. You can apply filter by clicking on radio buttons and filtering out the right smallcase as per your financial need.

  4. Study the smallcase and click on Invest Now

    Before investing in a smallcase, ensure you study its objective, stock picks with their weightage, minimum investment amount. In addition, it provides its performance as compared to direct equity.

  5. Choose SIP or One time Option as Investment

    You will have the option to choose Monthly SIP or one-time investment. Moreover, you can increase the investment amount as per appetite. After that click on Confirm Amount.

  6. Click on Invest Now

    Once you confirm the amount, it will rearrange the investment amount in the agreed weightages. Further, click on Invest Now Button.

  7. Confirm your order and it’s Done!

    Post clicking on Invest now, it will ask you to confirm the order and result in placing the order.

  8. Check the Order Detail in Executed Order

    Once you place the order successfully on a Small case, the same stocks will reflect in executed order history on Zerodha App to verify the same.

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To sum up this article, I would say it’s a modern way of investment where you have full control over the buy and sell of stocks. Most importantly you get professional financial advice from SEBI registered advisors who have in-depth knowledge of the market. So what are we waiting for let’s start investing new way this New Year?

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