What is Streak in Zerodha? – Review | Charges 2023 | Algo trading

What is Streak in Zerodha? - Review | Charges 2022 | Algo trading

In Continuation to the previous, let’s discuss another platform that allows you algo trading. So in today’s article, we will discuss What is Streak In Zerodha along with the review of whether it’s the right platform for you to opt for or not? Along with that a glimpse of the applicability of the charges. Let’s get started!!!

What is Streak in Zerodha?


Streak is an algorithm-based trading platform that is linked with Zerodha as a broker. If we have an account with Zerodha then we can log in to Streak using the Kite Credentials.
Generally, streak helps retail traders with Zero coding knowledge to create strategies and back-test them in simple language, this is a safe option for traders to start learning with actual money and end up losing it.

Streak is designed to help you back-test your ideas and check the ideas in the Live market with hypothetical trades using the Paper trade feature. It also allows you to trade in the Live market by deploying the strategies in the Live market on the basis of actionable notifications. The most favorite part is the Discover section of the strategy and scanner page that keeps on cross-checking as there are many sample codes available with back-tested results which we can directly access.



Might one question cross your mind? – “Is the streak useful?” So here are the key benefits:

  1. You don’t have to spend time and money testing my strategies in live markets.
  2. Now after using streak you will get a lot of free time since you don’t need to stick to the screen, all day looking at similar charts. T
  3. The support is excellent and they are available just a click away 24*7.
  4. It has changed my perception of trading. Now I look at the markets and trading more systematically.
  5. The platform is very user-friendly. You can create your strategies within minutes and it took only a day to learn the whole platform.
  6. It is pre-integrated with the best broker in India.
  7. You do not have to pay separately for data.

Algo Trading in Zerodha | Pros and Cons

Well, it’s not easy to create a strategy for the first time, but once you do it a couple of times, it gets easy. 
However, If you are good at using your own knowledge it will be very beneficial but if you don’t know how to use streak it will be a waste of money because they won’t provide support on call.
Before going ahead, let’s see the charges of streak services because that’s important to traders.

Streak Charges for Zerodha

With the Ultimate plan, you can deploy 100 strategies at a given point in time, run 1000 backtests, and unlimited number of scans every day.

You will be charged ₹1400 + GST every month.
You can deploy 30 strategies, and run 300 backtests and 500 scans every day.

₹690 + GST every month.
You will get a 10% discount for a Quarterly plan. And, if you purchase a Biannual plan, you will get a 20% discount. For an annual plan, you will get a 30% discount.
GST is charged at 18% as per the Government directive.

How to do the Streak Algo Trading?


How to do Algo Trading in Zerodha?

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Hope you like this series of Algo trading, if still have any doubts or questions please feel free to post so that I can bring something new onto your table.